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About Us

The people behind Second Hand Kiosk are a bunch of shopaholics who can't keep their wallet in place when they're out in malls, both local or overseas. Though they have overwhelming stuff in their closets, new things will be added from time to time and hence, some new items, either worn once or twice or never been used before! will be stacked downwards!

This is truly the reason why we came out with an online second hand kiosk; too much things in the closet, store room, shoe rack, impulsive shopping without thinking twice if we even need the items. Therefore, in this very site we had come to a mutual agreement to sell off some of our pre-loved items to people out there who enjoy the same picks as we do! We just want to give some justice to our pre loved items, ya know? ;)

Items you see on our site will be described accordingly to the condition of the items. We will try our best to give you the best customer service possible as we believe good service brings good continuous business. All of us at Second Hand Kiosk can't thank you enough for the continuous support you have shown us; doesn't matter if you're only here for window shopping or actually purchasing from us! You've been kind! Thanks once again.

The management team of

Pssst... another one good reason why we're actually selling away some of our items: Our boyfriend / husband are complaining the lack of spaces for their own things in the closet. :P Guys... they will never understand us women....