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Terms & Conditions

Dear valued customers,

Do take note that there are some points that need to be clarified between us Second Hand Kiosk and you our dedicated shoppers. They are just normal procedures that we are sure every online shopping sites have them too. ;)

  • Please take note that all items featured on Second Hand Kiosk are in good condition unless stated.
  • All items featured on Second Hand Kiosk are sold 'as is' hence, we do not do refunds.
  • We will only entertain serious buyers and we practice a strict "no back out" rule once a purchase confirmation has been made between us else you would be on our blacklisted list panel.
  • We do not offer price haggling as we know that our products are filtered for top quality alone.

  • Pictures featured on our blog may not be as 100% same colored with the original items due to lighting and camera angles but we'll try our best to adjust the colors to a 90% replica max.
  • Please do take note that due to hygienic purposes, we send all clothing items to the launderette to have a spin for cleanliness UNLESS they are of brand new items out from the store in less than a week! We make sure that all accessories are cleaned before sending them out for delivery.

  • All items featured on Second Hand Kiosk are based on first come first serve basis via email booking (please see email contact below).
  • Second Hand Kiosk will not be responsible for lost and damaged goods during delivery.
  • All payments must be made to administrator's HSBC or PBB account. Account and shipping info will be given out once booking confirmation has been made via email.
  • All dearly customers are welcome to email us for inquiries and booking at

We the people at Second Hand Kiosk believe in good customer relations to gain repeating sales from all of our customers. We do not make up impressions on the conditions of our item featured on our site as we know honesty has always been the best policy. These are the unique characteristic values that makes us different from other sites. You can always trust us and you'll have our words for that! And we sincerely thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you well.

The management team of Second Hand Kiosk

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